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Adding “Surprise & Delight” to your customer service strategy, while an incredible opportunity to build a dedicated consumer base, is harder to execute than you may expect.

Adam and Jeannie discuss the trend of “Surprise & Delight” (or S&D, as some have started to dub it). Quite a few business leaders have been using a Surprise & Delight strategy to create joy and lasting memories among customers.

But is it an effective strategy? The most effective? Loyalty programs often disappoint; customer dependency may cause dissatisfaction. How can a company implement this strategy to ensure customer satisfaction and cost benefit?

While it is difficult to come up with a pertinent system to measure it, Surprise & Delight is a great reinforcer for both long-term and new customers. Why? Because it builds brand loyalty and trust.

What are you really asking your people to do when you ask them to surprise and delight your customers? Listen in and find out!

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