2015 Service Industry Summit

Customer Experience is hot… but are you taking advantage of its huge potential to make your services business more prominent and profitable? Join Service Strategies for an informative Customer Experience Workshop in San Diego on October 27th. You’ll learn how to create customer success while generating profitable revenue for your services business. The workshop is part of the Service Industry Summit event, which bring together leaders from companies like Cisco, Dell and others to discuss the challenges of a changing service landscape. Visit servicestrategies.com to learn more.


Bob Burg: Go-Giver, Bestselling Author and Global Speaker

Bob Burg, author of the Go-Giver Podcast InterviewWe are honored to kick off our new format with a guest of Bob’s acclaim!

Bob Burg shares the principles of his seemingly counterintuitive yet surprisingly powerful new strategy for selling in today’s economy. He explains how a shift in focus from acquisition to providing as much value as possible can be the catalyst for long-term loyalty and amazing customer value.

Bob tells us why it’s so important to understand value is relative, and shares some great ways to stay in touch with what customers value most without letting our own perceptions of customer value interfere with providing the best customer experience.

Bob says, “You can’t make the sale, but you can create the environment where that person chooses to buy, and you are there to receive the sale.” Can you be a “Go-Getter” and a “Go-Giver” at the same time­—increasing customer value for yourself while creating that environment for your customers?

Listen in and find out how to give customers what they really want without losing your edge!

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  • Highly acclaimed speaker and national bestselling author, Bob Burg is one of the world’s elite authorities in the field of relationship marketing. Through his Go-Giver methodology and Endless Referrals system, Bob teaches business and sales professionals how to leverage their everyday contacts into a never-ending stream of A-list, highly-qualified prospects. Combining humor and entertainment along with hard-hitting, immediately-applicable, “how-to” information, Bob equips attendees with both the skills and confidence to develop their own army of Personal Walking Ambassadors and multiply their referrals—exponentially!

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