• Product vs Experience: Selling and maintaining emotional connections
  • Ben Blakesley, Sr. Manager, Global Social Media, Reebok
  • Customer Zero: How scam artists are ruining the experience for the rest of us


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Product vs. Experience: How Sweet Emotional Connections turn Sour

A hot topic touched upon by Fast Company and investigated further by author Gretchen Rubin, Adam and Jeannie discuss the idea that it’s not really products that we aim to sell to customers, but the experiences and emotional connections facilitated by those products.

While many companies go above and beyond to sell customers on the experiences delivered by the products themselves, they often drop the ball when it comes to the overall customer journey.

Jeannie and Adam discuss some of the ways companies can carry that emotional connection beyond marketing and maintain it through the total customer experience.

Discussion begins at 01:33

Ben Blakesley of Reebok Podcast InterviewBen Blakesley, Sr. Manager of Global Social Media at Reebok

Special guest Ben Blakesley shares how to truly define success in social media. He explains that companies need to determine how social media serves their business needs, rather than simply ”doing” social media.

Ben explains some of the ways Reebok creates a mutually-beneficial social environment by creating and maintaining emotional connections on social channels while staying aligned with business goals.

Ben shares some inspiring stories around Reebok’s strategy of featuring the challenges and victories of everyday athletes instead of pro sports figures many customers could never realistically compare themselves to. This sets the stage for a very strong culture within Reebok that is centered on helping customers and employees be the very best they can be.

Listen to hear the many ways Reebok is walking the talk!

Discussion begins at 10:40

Customer Zero: How Fraudsters Affect the Customer Experience across Industries

Credit card companies bear the brunt for most credit card fraud in the U.S today… but that’s about to change! Adam and Jeannie talk about things like Chip-and-PIN technology and the coming shift in fraud responsibility.

Retailers and vendors will soon need to be more vigilant about protecting themselves from credit card and gift card fraud.

Adam and Jeannie discuss several ways the coming changes can affect the experience honest customers are having with your brand.

Discussion begins at 24:01

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