• Goodsnitch, the “Anti-Yelp”: Snitches don’t end up in ditches!
  • Jennifer Maldonado, Sr. Business Analyst & Voice of the Gamer program owner at Activision
  • Customer Hero: Middle School Entrepreneur fills a Huge Customer Experience Gap


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Jennifer Maldonado of Activision Podcast InterviewIs this new “Anti-Yelp” company starting a revolution in gathering customer feedback?

Adam and Jeannie talk about Goodsnitch, a new company that allows businesses to gather honest customer feedback on a private basis.

Would customers rather contact you directly than “light you up” on Yelp or other public channels? Goodsnitch could make the difference for customers seeking real solutions instead of retribution, and for business owners who want a fair chance to make things right.

Discussion begins at 01:45

Jennifer Maldonado, Sr. Business Analyst & Voice of the Gamer program owner at Activision

Jennifer discusses how she implemented her Voice of the Customer expertise in the new Voice of the Gamer program at Activision. Is the approach to customer experience different in the video game industry?

Jennifer stresses the importance and benefits of handling customer issues in-channel as opposed to the traditional model of sending the customer to another channel, like a web page or phone number, or even another company, to solve an issue.

Jennifer also explains new ways to request customer feedback, and how rewording survey questions can make a huge difference when generating Customer Effort Scores.

Discussion begins at 07:13

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: Young Entrepreneur Fills a Huge Customer experience Gap

Have you heard of Franklin Barbecue in Austin? They are so popular that customers flock in from all over the country and have to wait in long lines to get their food.

Desmond, a middle school student, has the answer for these long lines. You won’t believe what this young genius has done to help fill the customer experience gap for this popular take-out restaurant.

Desmond’s venture has inspired Adam and Jeannie to discuss the “add-on” customer experience. Can third parties that step in to improve upon the experiences we provide give us clues about our next innovations?

Discussion begins at 24:28

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  • Jennifer Maldonado has served and dedicated Voice of the Customer and Customer Experience roles for seven years. She recently launched Activision’s Voice of the Gamer program and manages the company’s Customer Service Analytics team. Jennifer places a heavy focus on process redesign and foundational work enabling trustworthy data and actionable insights, as well as on fostering a client-centric culture by way of storytelling and socializing the Voice and the Customer. Connect with Jennifer: LinkedIn | Twitter
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