• Keurig brews social backlash, recent innovation goes back in the grinder
  • Ramon De Leon, Global Business and Social Media Keynote Speaker
  • Customer Hero: Disney Cruise Line’s unbelievable dedication to details


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Keurig’s attempt to box in customers backfires

Jeannie and Adam discuss how Keurig’s customers react to a recent innovation designed to force the use of proprietary supplies.

Customers have spoken up, and Keurig has listened! But is it too late? How will they address customers who can no longer use the product their own way?

Discussion begins at 01:23

Ramon De Leon, Global Business and Social Media Keynote Speaker, Word of Mouth Supergenius

Ramon De Leon Podcast InterviewRamon explains the fundamental principles of connecting with customers, and how his mother’s marketing finesse, coupled with what he learned from delivering pizza, helped prime him to become the globally recognized marketing consultant he is today.

Ramon flashes back to the 90’s and how he helped Domino’s leverage the power of connecting with customers digitally before most of us even knew that was “a thing.” (Can you remember when ICQ was the way to stay connected online?)

To create loyalty, as Ramon explains, it’s important to get customers to know you, to like you, and to trust you. Whatever industry you’re in, take a page from Ramon’s book and find ways to use whatever tools you have at hand to create strong impressions and lasting connections.

Discussion begins at 05:10

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: How Disney Cruise Line Stays Anchored in our Favorite Memories

It’s no secret that Disney is legendary for creating magical customer experiences, but did you know they actually have a customer experience institute?

Adam explains how Disney worked with the US Coast Guard just to get one minor, but nonetheless delightful detail, just right for Disney Cruise Line travelers.

Both of our hosts agree, it’s just one of the countless ways Disney pays scrupulous attention to the little things that touch our hearts and live on in the memories guests will share for years.

(Plus, Jeannie gets some trivia points for knowing her Disney characters!)

Discussion begins at 17:51

People, Places, and Things of the Podcast:

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  • Ramon De Leon is a global keynote speaker who started with Domino’s pizza in Chicago as a delivery driver in 1986. 27 years later, Ramon ended his tenure with the brand as the marketing mind of a six-store Domino’s Pizza franchise in Chicago. His career has given him the opportunity to work in Mexico as a Business Development consultant for Domino’s Pizza, and speak all over the world. He’s been using social media for his business since before the word existed, and has the knowledge that services like those at instaboostgram can help to give accounts on Instagram a boost if they need to improve their online presence. Not only that, but he is now known as a Word of Mouth Supergenius, Social Strategist, and Customer Evangelist. More about Ramon | LinkedIn | Twitter | Tumblr | YouTube | Instagram

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