• The pros and cons of obsessing about data
  • Raj Sivasubramanian, Senior Manager, Global Customer Insights, eBay Marketplaces
  • Virgin’s new hotel is a Customer Hero!


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Does measurement really lead to action?

Jeannie and Adam discuss how the desire to measure things sometimes leads to action. But what if it doesn’t?

Are we obsessed with big data, dashboards and quarterly reports? It’s important to track things, but why?

Discussion begins at 1:20.

Raj Sivasubramanian, Senior Manager, Global Customer Insights, eBay Marketplaces Podcast InterviewRaj Sivasubramanian, Senior Manager, Global Customer Insights, eBay Marketplaces

Raj discusses how eBay went from being too metric-centric to becoming a truly customer-centric organization. Do you know if your organization is too metric-centric? Listen to this insightful interview to find out.

Raj highlights how producing a series of dashboard with trending metrics really doesn’t necessarily drive results. Are your metrics driving change?

Plus, hear about the strangest thing Raj has heard of being posted on eBay!

Discussion begins at 6:55.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: Virgin’s Flagship Hotel Wins for Women Business Travelers

Instead of starting with what the hotel experience has always been, Virgin redesigned the room experience from the ground up.

Jeannie is impressed with the small touches especially for women business travelers. So many great small moments!

Discussion begins at 21:54.

People, Places, and Things from the Podcast:

Guest Speaker / People

  • Raj is a Senior Manager in the Global Customer Insights team at eBay Marketplaces. Over the last few years, he has been focused on enhancing eBay’s existing NPS program specifically around shifting the focus of the NPS team from just trending NPS results to delivering actionable insights that are used to improve the customer experience. Prior to eBay, Raj was a consultant advising clients on various aspects of building and sustaining VoC programs. eBay | LinkedIn
  • The Hawthorne Effect
  • Virgin Hotel Pictures

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