• Does customer experience trump brand in acquisition?
  • Luis Serpa UL (Underwriter Laboratories) Principal, Digital Experience at Underwriters Laboratories
  • Customer Zero: The Cable Industry!

Luis Serpa of Underwriter's Laboratories Podcast InterviewDoes customer experience trump brand in acquisition?

Is customer experience more important than brands for long-term success?

A study about what’s more important, customer relationships or brands, reveals customer relationships became more important in the last decade.

Jeannie & Adam discuss how customers have new tools to evaluate the customer relationship, so it’s not just about buying the brand they know.

This conversation brings in all sorts of questions. What do you think? Are brands as important as they used to be? Or do customer relationships trump all?

Discussion begins at 1:30.


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Luis Serpa, Principal, Digital Experience, IT Customer Solutions, at UL (Underwriters Laboratories)

Jeannie & Adam talk to Luis Serpa, who Jeannie describes as “brilliant and crazy” when it comes to user experience. (Jeannie & Luis worked together for a number of years!)

Hear how Luis had to address an over-engineered environment and simplify both how and why to develop better experiences for users.

This is a must-listen for anyone interacting with the digital experience of customers!

Discussion begins at 5:21.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: The Cable Industry (Yes, The Whole Industry!)

The Temkin Group ranked Internet Service Providers (let’s just say cable industries) as dead last in their last report on customer service. Please note that this is just judging the customer service experiences, as cable TV certainly isn’t dead as a whole, which can be seen reading over these cable tv statistics or others found online.

Why does the cable industry struggle so much with customer experience? It’s complicated, and Adam and Jeannie have lots of thoughts…

Discussion begins at 23:36.

People, Places, and Things from the Podcast:

Guest Speaker / People

  • Luis Serpa is an award-winning user experience professional with 25 years of experience across various areas like Marketing, Advertising, Digital Strategy, Innovation, Information Architecture, Software Engineering, Research, IT and Business Consulting. He joined UL in 2009 with the challenge to establish, lead and grow a User Experience Design practice within the Information Technology division to help improve the perception, use and acceptance of its solutions. Connect with Luis on Twitter | LinkedIn
  • UL
  • Temkin Group Report listing Internet Service Providers as experience laggards
  • How Customer Service Can Save Cable
  • HBO Now
  • #CuttingTheCord Hashtag used to celebrate ditching cable!


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